99.9999% Uptime

At Protected Books, we have a resilient and rock-solid data center that helps you achieve 99.9999% uptime.

What does that mean for you and your business? When you partner with Protected Books, we will safeguard your network performance and minimize the impact of expensive downtime.

Unplanned outages can happen at any time of day, or night, on a business day or weekend. Our remote technicians are really like technicians on site at all times checking systems and conducting daily maintenance to address any issues, close up any vulnerabilities and ensure any action is quickly taken if any issues arrive.

In either an emergency or non-emergency situation, Protected Books accepts support tickets to manage these situations. But if you need to speak with someone, our techs answer the phones 24/7.

In fact, we solve 80% of all tickets that are raised within 24 hours.

Worried About Downtime?

Protected Books isn’t just responsive when things go wrong, we are proactive. To protect against unanticipated spikes in network bandwidth or power consumption, we implement proactive measures to limit downtime. We use our intelligent platforms which predict power spikes and traffic to better optimize the timing of maintenance efforts. Our intelligence also helps us stay on top of equipment replacements for your data center and safeguards against unexpected breaks.

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